Our mission is to create a common virtual / real forum for the efficient exchange of knowledge for all participants of the automotive industry in order to improve the efficiency of all business elements across the industry – from manufactures to dealerships.

Our current task is to provide all participants with an opportunity to quickly and easily organize and conduct training and certification in their products for vendors, service engineers and managers working at dealerships.

The objective of AKC is to become:

  • a catalyst for the improvement of business processes for AKC partners;
  • an intellectual centre creating, developing and disseminating the most advanced knowledge-based business methods among AKC partners;
  • a platform for industry Competence Centres (by key / NON-key competences);
  • a proving ground for the Study / Evaluation / Commercialization of innovative ideas and projects in the automotive industry and related industrial sectors;

a forum for dialogue between the automotive business and the science / education field for the elaboration of a common understanding of business demands (current and forecasted) and development programmes in science and education systems.